Are you ready to get your audience excited?



Do you want to...

  • get a bigger audience for your event/matches?
  • have your audience arrive earlier?
  • activate your audience in an easy, yet engaging way?
  • get more insight on your fans?
  • activate your sponsors in a new and effective way?
  • get extra revenue without any risks?

...And we provide the solution! 

We provide unique, digital entertainment, effective sponsor activation, and engaging fan experiences. Get a demonstration of the concept for free.

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Claus Fisker
CEO, Sales & Co-founder

+45 20 70 69 45


"How do we get started?"
It's easy! Contact us at Xsided and get a demonstration of the concept. We'll sign you up, and then you're ready to use Xsided for your next match or event.

"What do we need to use Xsided?"
Find a sponsor, who's interested in contributing to the fan experience. Send us questions for the quiz, as well as your logo and logos from your sponsors. We'll deliver a complete game solution. All you have to do is start the entertainment on the day of your event. 

"How much does it cost?"
There are no start-up costs when you use Xsided. We have 2 different pricing models, and you choose the one that suits your needs.


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More benefits

... for the audience

  • New and exciting entertainment

  • Play for free

  • Opportunity to win amazing prices

  • Being part of the interactive entertainment

  • Don't have to perform in front of a crowd 

  • Social gameplay with the audience playing with against each other

... for the organisers

  • An entertainment concept, which create more value for the audience and sponsors
  • Everyone can join
  • A new way for organisers to get extra revenue
  • Minimal investment and no risk
  • Less work for the organiser: No skills required to set up games and no work on the day of the event
  • The audience is able to participate, even when they're queuing for food, bathrooms etc
  • Encourage fans to arrive earlier
  • More insights on your fans

... for sponsors

  • New, fun way to reach audiences at sporting events, concerts, etc.
  • Fan reach on the Xsided app and the organiser's Facebook page before the event
  • Fan reach on the big screen during the games
  • Target your message to the audience and increase awareness of your brand
  • More traffic for your own website and collecting permissions from the participants from Xsided’s app
  • Sponsors contribute to the entertainment, creating a positive perception of their brand
Xsided games at Sommerbold i Aarhus in collaboration with TV2 (large danish broadcaster). 

Xsided games at Sommerbold i Aarhus in collaboration with TV2 (large danish broadcaster).