Privacy policy

1.                Introduction

1.1.            This Privacy Policy ("Policy") applies to all personal data you provide to us and / or we collect about you as part of your use of the Xsided app or other types of interactions with us.

1.2.            In the Policy, you can read more about what personal information we collect, how we handle your personal information, how long we keep and protect information about you.

1.3.            We recommend that you read this Policy thoroughly and contactXsided, if there is anything in the policy that you do not understand.

1.4.            You can find the current version of the Policy on the Xsided website and in the Xsided App at any time. You will be notified of important changes to this Policy.

1.5.            We are responsible for processing your personal information and implementing what you can expect with reasonable carefrom technical and organizational measures to ensure and protect your personal information.


2.                Owner information

2.1.             Xsided Aps (CVR: 37497541)

                  Ideas lab, Filmbyen 19, 2.sal
                  8000 Aarhus C



3.                Protection of personal data

3.1.            Xsided strives to protect the quality and integrity of your personal information as best as possible.

We store your personal information on limited-access computers, which are located in controlled facilities, and our security measures are checked on a regular basis.


4.                Why are we allowed to process information about you (processingbasis)?

4.1.            Before we can offer you engaging and entertaining game, we need to process personal information about you. It will be both the personal information you provide and the information that we collect about you, for example, when you navigate around the app or see which games and events you participate in.

4.2.            When using our App you enter into an agreement with us, our standard terms and conditions. Those are, among other things, your rights to participate in games and how games are determined, but also your duties associated with it. In order to comply with this agreement with you, it is necessary for us to process your personal information.

4.3.            We offer a service where you have the chance to win great prizes. To ensure that the prizes are paid to the right person, we are required to process personal information about you. At the same time, it helps to ensure that there is no cheating in our App, and that we do not offer services to people who are not old enough.

4.4.            Further, we ask for your consent to process your personal information. We do this to show that we appreciate your trust and show that it is our first priority to ensure that the personal information we hold about you is secure and confidential.

4.5.            The legal basis for processing your personal data is Article 6 (1). 1 (a) of the General Data Protection Regulation, which deals with the processing of information based on consent. Additional Article 6 1 (b) of the Personal Data Regulation, which deals with the processing of personal data necessary for us to fulfill our agreement with you.

4.6.            You may at any time withdraw your consent and delete your data. However, you must be aware that, upon withdrawal of your consent, we will no longer offer you features in the App, and you may lose game history and unresolved prizes.


5.                How do we use your personal information? (Purpose)

Your information enables us to give you access to our App and provide entertaining competitions and games. We will also use and analyze the personal information we collect so that we can manage, support, improve and develop our business, as well as personal data for other purposes, including statistical or analytical purposes, or to avoid abuse.

Our purpose can be divided into four categories as described below.

5.1.            General operation of the app.

5.1.1.        Including delivery of entertaining competitions and games, maintaining game history, retention of prizes, ensuring age limits, app security and statistics.

5.1.2.        It is necessary to collect and process personal information about our users. For example, we need to check your age, so we can make sure that you are old enough to participate.

5.1.3.        We offer an App where users have the opportunity to win big prizes, and we have to ensure that they are safely stored, and to ensure that there is no cheating.

5.1.4.        The concept of the app is partly to compete with friends. Hence, a function within the app is to search for friends amongst the Xsided users. It is a necessity when a login is created with username and password, since we do not have any information about the users’ friends list from e.g. Facebook.

5.2.            Analytical purposes

5.2.1.        It is part of our ambition to improve our services and user experience. This means that we use your personal data for testing purposes, problem solving and improving the functionality of the app. For example, by checking how you click around in the app.

5.2.2.        This also includes follow-up statistics after an event is completed. For example, how many responded really within certain age groups.

5.2.3.        These analyzes may be disclosed anonymously to the organizer of the event you have attended and possibly their partners. Of course, we ensure that recipients do not have the opportunity to recognize the people behind the statistics.

5.2.4.        We want to give you the best experience when using our products. This means that we process your personal information so that we can customize games and the app to your needs, including ensuring that the app is easy and comfortable to use.

5.3.            Marketing

5.3.1.        If you participate in a game, we have the opportunity to forward your name and email address to the Organizer who organizes the event you participate in. We do this because we believe you are affiliated with the club and that it will not be annoying for you. You will always have the option to unsubscribe.

5.3.2.        Xsided has the opportunity to send you messages with new fun offers, for example, if we are testing out a new game or offering a game for everyone.

5.4.            Push messages

5.4.1.        You will be asked for a separate Consent to whether we may send you game related push messages. This consent includes three different types of push messages, which you can individually enable and disable in settings.

a)     We want to send you a push message to ensure you do not miss a game when you, for example, queuing and bored. You will receive the push message when the countdown to a new game starts.

b)     We want to send you a push message to make sure you do not forget your prizes. For example, you receive a push message the day after you have won a prize, so you remember to redeem it.

c)     We want to send you a push message to offer you free games. For example, you receive a push notification when Xsided want to test a new game.

5.5.            Profile image for publication

If you win a game or competition, the organizer can ask for your consent to publicize your profile image. It appears from this consent that Xsided receive your image and can make use of this for the same purpose. We wish to use your profile image for promotion on social media, website and other externally targeted informative material e.g. sales material targeted organizers.

5.6.            If you no longer want us to use your profile image, please contact us.


6.                Collection

6.1.            We receive and store all information you provide us, either when you use our products or otherwise interact with us, such as communication through email or social media.

6.2.            The information we process can be divided into two groups.

6.2.1.        Personal information you provide us, including information from, for example, Facebook

6.2.2.        Personal information we collect

6.3.            We are aware that it requires great trust on your part to give us access to your personal data. It is important to us that you feel comfortable when using our products, and therefore we try to communicate all our intentions of processingso that you clearly understand what you are doing. We collect only the information you consent to and you will always be able to write to us to hear what personal information we are processing about you.

6.4.            Personal information that you provide to us

a)     Identification information, including public Facebook profile

a.     Facebook id

b.     Facebook cover

c.      Facebook name

d.     Facebook link

e.     Gender

f.      Profile image

b)     Facebookfriend list

c)     Email address

d)     Date of birth

e)     Those who choose to create a user profile without Facebook will be asked to enter similar information.

f)     In case you win a cash prize, you will be asked separately for your information, so we can transfer your payment. Your information will be deleted as soon as possible after the transfer. In case a third party is responsible for the payment, Xsided will ensure that there is a data processor agreement that ensures you with the same terms.

6.5.            Personal information we collect

a)     We collect information about your activities and behavior when using our services.

a.     How you navigate in the Xsided App

b.     Which games you participate in

c.      Which events you participate in

d.     Whether you have redeemed your prize

6.5.1.        This information will be used for analytical purposes, so we can improve the features of the app or, for example, make changes in a game if it is not intuitive enough.

6.5.2.        We may also use this information to target our offer to you, for example, by providing you with prizes targeted your interest in football, if we see that you have participated in many events where the organizer is a football club.


7.                Duration of storage

7.1.            When using the Xsided App, you get a user profile, where you can save your prizes and view game history. It is therefore necessary for us to keep your personal information until you do not want it.

7.2.            This means that as long as you have not committed to deleting your user profile, it will be available and we will continue to process your personal information.

7.3.            You always have the option to delete your personal information. It works in the way that you in the app request to be deleted, after which you will be logged out of your profile and after 14 days of inactivity, we will delete your personal information.

7.4.            We will first delete your information after 14 days, as we believe you should be able to undo and ensure that you are not mistakenly deleting your information while still having prizes.


8.                Recipients of personal data

8.1.            The information we process about you will be transferred and stored on our servers located in the EEA. We never disclose your information without your knowledge and without your consent.

8.2.            Here we describe who we disclose your personal data to. We will never share your personal information without your knowledge and without your consent.

8.3.            In order to run our business and ensure that the App is functional, we use data servers to store your personal information, for example.

8.4.            We work with companies and clubs - those who organize the event, which you have participated in. It is necessary that they receive the personal data of the winners of the competitions that we organize in cooperation with them. At the same time, our concept is based on big screen, and your name and image can be displayed on the screen.

8.5.            If we consider it appropriate and without great inconvenience to you, we've got opportunity to pass on your name and email address to the business or club that organizes the event you participate in through your consent . It is important for us to state that a sponsor will never have access to your information through us. 


9.                Children

9.1.            Our products are intended for adults. We do not collect personal data in children under the age of 16

9.2.            We strive to ensure that this information is correct. If you, as a parent or guardian, believe that your child has provided personal information to us, please contact us via email address and let us know.


10.              Your rights

10.1.          When using our products and services, you have certain rights. These are all described below.

10.2.          Your right of access

You are entitled to receive a confirmation of whether your personal information is processed by Xsided. You have further access to the following information:

10.2.1.      Purposes of the processing

10.2.2.      The affected categories of personal data

10.2.3.      Recipients or categories of recipients

10.2.4.      Intended duration which the personal data will be stored.

10.2.5.      Your right to rectification or deletion

10.2.6.      Your right to object to the processing

10.2.7.      Your right to appeal to a supervisory authority

10.3.          The right to change inaccurate information

10.3.1.      We are committed to taking appropriate steps to ensure that personal information about you are always up to date in relation to the purposes for which they are processed.

10.3.2.      We mainly collect our information from Facebook, so the accuracy of the information depends primarily on your own entries. At the same time you have the opportunity to change your information on your user profile.

10.3.3.      You have the right at any time to have inaccurate information corrected and if you are know of any, please contact us.

10.4.          The right to delete

10.4.1.      You have the right to delete the personal information we have collected and processed about you. It works in the way that you request to be deleted inside the app, after which you will be logged out. After 14 days of inactivity, we delete your information.

10.5.          The right to limited processing

10.5.1.      You have the right to have your personal information processed in detail.

10.6.          Notification Obligation

10.6.1.      You are entitled to Xsided, with appropriate efforts, notify any recipient to whom your personal information has been disclosed to about any correction or deletion of personal data or processinglimitation.

10.6.2.      You are entitled to receive information about who we have disclosed your personal information to

10.7.          The right to data portability

10.7.1.      You have the right to receive the personal information we have collected and processed about you.

10.7.2.      Including moving, copying, or transferring them to another service provider or data controller.

10.7.3.      Xsided is not responsible for how you or the receiving data controller processes your personal information.

10.8.          The right to be informed of whether it is communicated to countries outside the EU / EEA

10.9.          The right to object to the treatment

10.9.1.      You have the right to object to our processing of personal information about you. Including the processing that we use for direct marketing.

10.10.       The right to filea complaint with to asupervisory authority

10.10.1.    You have the option to file a complaint to the Data Protection Agency in connection with our collection of personal information.


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1300 København K


Telefon: 33 19 32 00

email address: 


11.              Changes and Updates

11.1.          We reserve the right to continually change this Policy. You are notified of changes, which could affect you through the app.


This policy was last updated 25.05.2018