Become an active part of the entertainment

... and get more out of your sponsorship

Organisers and sports clubs need sponsors. A lot of sponsors are interested in reaching a larger audience and get their message across to fans in a more effective way. However, it often happens that the audience doesn't pay attention to the sponsors' message. That's why sponsors need to activate their sponsorship in a better way. Many companies already know this and they're changing their sponsorship model from display marketing to sponsored content. But sponsored content should be entertaining, fun, and contribute to a positive fan experience.

The audience quickly grows impatient and take out their smartphone when they get bored. Fans demand more and better entertainment at events and matches. If not, they might just opt for the small screen at home next time. Organisers and sponsors have to do something different to attract fans at events, but what?

What if ...

  • you could contribute to the entertainment and improve the fan experience?
  • you could activate your sponsorship in an easy, yet effective way?
  • you could increase awareness of your company brand?
  • you could document the effect of your sponsorship?

By sponsoring an Xsided game, you support your sports club/organiser and contribute to an engaging experience for everyone.

Want to sponsor an Xsided game?
Contact the sports club you sponsor or contact Xsided directly and learn more about sponsorships.




Selected sponsors

Arbejdernes Landsbank - game sponsor at Golden League